Mma-Syrai Performs with Keith David

Mma-Syrai and Keith David rehearse before the show

Theatergoers piled in for tea, scones, and a taste of the bard at the Magic Castle this past Sunday. If you haven’t visited this place, you should go! The magicians are very entertaining, and the decor is a cross between charming and creepy. I kept leaning against the wall panels and hoping I’d fall through a trap door at the star-studded tea party. After the crumpets had settled in our tummies and the magic had been digested, we all traveled upstairs to watch select scenes performed by students and celebrities.

Mma-Syrai opened the show, performing Hecate. She shared the stage with three delightful fellows dressed in drag, and it was hilarious! Romeo and Juliet was performed by Jason Alexander (George Costanza, Seinfeld), Laraine Newman (Saturday Night Live) performed as Cleopatra, and later in the evening, Mma-Syrai performed alongside Keith David (“Platoon,” “Crash,” “Armageddon,” and more) as Lady Macbeth.

Keith David and Mma-Syrai on the red carpet

“She’s inspiring. It was amazing to work with your daughter.” –Keith David

Alex Newell (“Unique,” Glee) congratulates Mma-Syrai after the show.

“Mma, when you got on stage, I was like I don’t have to sing now. You owned it. I was captivated from the moment you stepped on stage.” — Alex Newell (“Unique,” Glee)

Mma-Syrai warms up to play Hecate

“I want to take her home. No. Seriously. Pack her up!” — The Queens

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